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Display (display)#


The function display displays a signal and the change points provided in alternating colors. If another set of change point indexes is provided, they are displayed with dashed vertical dashed lines.


Start with the usual imports and create a signal.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pylab as plt
import ruptures as rpt

# creation of data
n, dim = 500, 2  # number of samples, dimension
n_bkps, sigma = 3, 5  # number of change points, noise standart deviation
signal, bkps = rpt.pw_constant(n, dim, n_bkps, noise_std=sigma)
rpt.display(signal, bkps)

If we computed another set of change points, for instance [110, 150, 320, 500], we can easily compare the two segmentations.

rpt.display(signal, bkps, [110, 150, 320, 500])

Example output of the function display.